Active Studies Sample

Each day we summarize all recently discussed studies that are still in effect. Below is a sample summary from October 19th. Subscribers can click on a study’s title to go to the corresponding research note with details and track record.

Last updated: Note that this is a sample page only and is not regularly updated

10/16/15 Light Volume on OpEx Bearish SPX below 2033 on October 23rd
10/12/15 High TRIN on Up Day Bullish SPX above 2017 on October 26th
10/08/15 SPX Band Spread >100 Bullish SPX above 2013 on October 22nd
10/07/15 VIX Down Seven Bullish SPX >1995 on Oct 21st and Nov 4th
10/06/15 Cumulative TICK Buy Bullish SPX above 1979 in October 2016
10/05/15 S&P Futures 1% Gap up Bullish SPX above 1987 on October 19th
10/05/15 5% in Five Days Bullish SPX above 1987 on October 19th
09/30/15 Inside Down Month Bullish SPX above 1920 on November 30th
09/29/15 Closing TICK 20d Avg <0 Bullish SPX above 1884 on October 27th
09/18/15 NYSE Volume Alert Bullish SPX above 1958 on December 16th
08/27/15 Consecutive 90% Up Volume Days Bullish SPX above 1987 on November 24th