Nasdaq Up Nine

 Posted by at 12:20 am
Feb 242015

A late-day rally left the S&P500 in the top 10% of its daily range, but it’s interesting to note that only 96 S&P500 components closed in the top 10% of their daily range, less than half of Friday’s 236 number. I found Continue reading »

OpEx Volume Study

 Posted by at 5:33 pm
Feb 222015
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Interesting to note that S&P500 component volume totaled 2.12 billion shares on Friday, slightly under the 10-day moving average of 2.17 billion. Usually volume comes in above-average on an OpEx Friday, so I took a look at instances when it came in below-average… Continue reading »

Feb 122015

The chart below is a daily version of our recently introduced Leading TICK indicator. While the indicator was developed primarily for intraday purposes, it’s been interesting to take the daily closing value and chart it on a cumulative basis (as seen in the red line below). Continue reading »