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December 4th, 2016 12:28pm ET

Down Week

While we’re only two sessions into the month, we’ve already seen the first down week in December. That has led to a higher weekly close at some point within the next six weeks (and usually within three weeks) every time since 1984…

Buying the First Down Week in December
12/02/16 Buy SPX 2191.95… ???
12/11/15 Buy SPX 2012.37… +2.4% two weeks later
12/12/14 Buy SPX 2002.33… +3.4% one week later
12/06/13 Buy SPX 1805.09… +0.7% two weeks later
12/14/12 Buy SPX 1413.58… +1.2% one week later
12/16/11 Buy S